Fuel Saving Truck Platoons? They Could be Coming to Dallas, TX, Soon

Every trucker has had an experience with the driver of a four-wheeler who got too close. Around the Dallas, TX, metro, it’s just everyday driving in congested traffic.

Out on the interstate, the driver following a rig too close has a slang name; “bumper sticker.”

It’s a driver who’s trying to draft behind a big truck to use the aerodynamics created between both vehicles to lower drag and save on fuel. It works well on NASCAR race tracks, but the open road is usually not populated by professional car drivers.

But, if a new company has its way, a variation on the concept of drafting, known as “platooning,” could be coming to trucks in the Dallas area and nationwide, a lot faster than any of the self-driving vehicle concepts that are being talked and fretted over these days.

Peloton Technology of California is trying to interest trucking companies in a way to platoon trucks going the same direction, even if they aren’t with same company. At least they’ll be able to benefit from technology that will allow them to draft, save fuel, and prevent rear-end collisions.

By wireless technology, speed sensors, crash avoidance gear, and cameras, the driver of a lead truck can control a second one, which will follow close behind. A driver will be behind the wheel of the second vehicle to steer or take actions if something goes wrong, but if the paired vehicles perform as Peloton expects, the two trucks will be able to use the system for accelerating, braking, and fuel savings as they operate in tandem.

Additional testing will have to take place, and some state laws will need to be changed

if this form of platooning is to catch on and be adopted by trucking companies nationwide.

It could one day be worth a look for Bay & Bay Transportation. Our Minnesota-based company prides itself on safety and reliability. We utilize late model trucks and offer several hauling options for short and long-range drivers, plus competitive compensation and benefit plans.

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