Holiday Driving Safety Tips for Your Over-the-Road Drivers in Atlanta, GA  

No doubt your business is ready to tackle the various Halloween activities in your community. You’re in the middle of marketing to people who love the holiday, and you can’t wait to get your products out to the stores before the big day. Before you get in too deep, however, it’s important to think about driving safety. Not just for yourself, but for the over-the-road drivers you hired to move your products as quickly as possible. What do they need to keep in mind when they’re going through Atlanta, GA? The information below should help. Still have questions? Feel free to contact Bay & Bay Transportation.

 Watch for Children

It goes without saying that children and Halloween are connected in a big way. While you’re in the middle of driving, especially in the evening, make sure to check for running children. They might dart into the road without thinking, especially if they don’t have adult supervision or their costume hinders their sight. That spells big trouble for everybody. Many will be wearing reflective items, but some won’t. Be on the lookout no matter where you are. Truck driving is serious business.

 Stay Off the Phone

It’s tempting, but over-the-road drivers need to be constantly alert. When you look down to check your email or post on Facebook, you turn yourself in a huge safety hazard. Don’t do it. Your phone can wait. If you absolutely must check, wait until you pull over.

 Drive Slowly

Now is not the time to be a maniac. Use common sense and pay attention, no matter how busy or stressed you may feel, especially if you’re driving on Halloween night. Trick-or-treaters may be wearing dark clothing and more difficult to spot.

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