Why Truck Drivers Should Never Rush Through Slush in Joliet, IL

Slush is coming soon to roads near you in Joliet, IL, and Bay and Bay Transportation wants all professional truck drivers to be ready with steady hands and vigilant eyes. Anyone truck driving during the winter season should prepare for the weather coming their way, from sheet ice to powder snow, and everything slushy in-between.

Though any driver out of control on a major road is dangerous, you have to remember, as a truck driver, you have a much larger “weapon” at your disposal. The sheer size of a standard commercial truck dwarfs the popular energy-efficient cars traveling alongside you. This is just a fact of daily truck driver life, and during most seasons, it's a fact that can sit at the back of your mind. However, during the winter months, the size and weight of your vehicle should be actively considered much more frequently.

Like any skill, being an effective truck driver in the winter takes practice. Learning to slow down on ice, give your neighbors extra space, and when to pull over in low visibility are all skills you can glean from simply experiencing the roads. The same goes for fresh snow. If your tires aren't gaining traction, even with a weighty rig, you may need chains, kitty litter, and an emergency shovel. Most truck drivers that spend time in wintery climates will likely have some sort of personalized emergency kit as well.

All of these winter prep techniques have one thing in common: foresight. That's the downside of slushy driving - it can be incredibly irregular and varied. Driving on slush is fundamentally different from driving on ice or on snow. The level of control over your rig can be thrown off balance at a moment’s notice, even if you're taking it easy on the gas. Unlike other winter road conditions, slush can cause hydroplaning, sudden large bumps or ruts, and can be paired with hidden black ice for a deadly combination.

Though each individual truck driver will have their own comfort zone for speed based on the size and weight of their load, slow and steady always wins the race against slush. Truck driving in slush isn't impossible, but it can be unpredictable. As a professional driver you should always plan that everyone else around you has no plan, especially when it comes to slush.

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