Trying to Take the Stress Out of Trucking During the Holidays in Minneapolis, MN

There are plenty of things that can cause stress for a truck driver between Thanksgiving and New Years in Minneapolis, MN, and not all of them involve traffic tie-ups, blizzards, and black ice to make things extra interesting.

Among the worst holiday stressors is scheduling. Just like everyone else, truckers ask for days off and make promises to spend time with family during the holidays. Not being able to deliver on those promises of spending time with a loved one or the extended family as they visit your home in the Minneapolis area is enough to give you gray hair. That’s a reality, however, when scheduling gets changed and tosses your best laid plans up in the air.

Logistics is a wonderful thing when it gets you to where you want to be on-time and, in some cases, days in advance. During the holidays, however, it’s a whole lot harder to plan on arriving on a particular day. Let’s face it, where you are and where a load must be on a certain date are usually two different things.

As it’s winter time in Minneapolis, you can expect two things: cold weather and very unpredictable conditions. Hopefully your dispatcher is a faithful weather watcher and has the good sense to avoid sending you out in the path of a blizzard just days away from that special family gathering or important holiday-related event.

The mandate to use Electronic Logging Devices is making many truckers unhappy in more ways than one. Obeying laws and avoiding fines is tougher when a digital tattler is keeping tabs on all of your hours, whether they came while you drove or spent an eternity waiting for folks at that last stop to do their work before you could roll.

Bay & Bay Transportation understands your greatest source of trucking stress might be to find a professional firm who can get the job done despite several frustrating factors around the holidays. We’re a Minnesota-based company that prides itself on safety and reliability. We operate late model trucks and offer several hauling options for short and long range drivers. You’ll want to learn more about our options and competitive compensation.

It’s why we say Bay & Bay is a quality driven tradition on roads around Minneapolis and on countless miles of highway nationwide. Don’t stress, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team.