Preventing Winter Road Collisions for Truck Drivers in Cincinnati, OH.

It's the season for freezing rain in Cincinnati, OH, which means slick roads and poor decision making behind the wheel are about to grace the roads in a big way. For career truck drivers, this means having to plan for your rig as well as all the non-commercial drivers that surround you. The truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation use all of the skills at their disposal to keep themselves and others around them safe, but truly safe driving requires everyone on the roads to do the same. Since you can't ensure everyone will do their part, be vigilant when performing your duties as a truck driver.

Though often repeated in articles regarding winter driving, the fact still remains that slow and steady will always win the safe-race.  Professional trucking is a job that has tight deadlines and long hours, but when the roads are slick, even the most pressing deadline should take a backseat to safety. Truck drivers should abide by this the most thanks to the sheer size and weight of the vehicle they’re operating. Stay back and move with purpose as soon as the roads get that icy sheen.

Professional trucking also requires regular checks of your rig and tires. Clean off all your lights and reflective surfaces regularly, and make yourself as visible as possible. Non-commercial drivers should be able to see you coming with enough room to slow and stop on icy roads.

As a truck driver, this all sounds like common sense, but the real secret of winter driving is to expect everyone around you to ignore all of the above. Assume that all drivers sharing the road are completely blind and have never driven on ice before in their lives. With this mindset, any truck driver can be ready for whatever the road throws their way.

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