Professional Truck Driving Tips for Driving on Ice in Nashville, TN

When most people think of Nashville, TN, they probably don't think of winter weather and icy roads, but with the cold temperatures we've had this year, anything is possible. If reports from Michigan are anything to go by, severe winter weather can hit suddenly and can cause a whole lot of trouble in a little bit of time. For truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation, driving in every type of weather condition is just a part of the job. Just because the weather is being bizarre doesn't mean that truck drivers on the road won't be prepared.

Unlike northern states, Tennessee roads aren't always ready for ice. States like Minnesota have regular road treatments, salt, sand trucks, and plenty of plows ready to deal with snow as needed. While the Department of Transportation does provide road treatment in southern states, they still don't have a fraction of the resources that northern states have for winter driving specifically. Because of this, every road should be treated as if it hasn't been treated at all. Truck drivers should expect things to be slippery—and don't be surprised when you're right.

Professional truck driving requires a lot of situational awareness and caution while on the road, and this is doubly true when ice is in play. Drive slower than you think you have to, and don't overcorrect when things get slippery. If you're a non-commercial driver on the road and you see truck drivers slowing down, follow suit ASAP. And for truck drivers, be sure to act deliberately. Signal obviously, slow down early, and don't be afraid to remove yourself from a dangerous situation if the people around you are making poor choices.

It can be scary to drive on ice in Nashville, TN, whether you're a truck driver or a civilian driver. However, if you play it cool and do your best to relax, you should get where you're going without incident. If you're interested in professional truck driving come rain, ice, or shine, contact us at Bay and Bay Transportation today. We can be reached at (888) 801-3026 or by visiting our website here for more information.