Building Better Habits for the Mind and Body while Truck Driving in Philadelphia, PA

Being a professional truck driver in Philadelphia, PA, has its perks. Interesting work, new sights, independence, and an open road are all on the top of the list. But, thanks to the natural patterns of the job, some people can find themselves being neglectful of their own mental and physical wellbeing over time in a truck driving position. The professional truck drivers with Bay and Bay Transportation know that a positive attitude and a little preparation go a long way in keeping drivers on task and feeling great. Plus, it can encourage all drivers, commercial and non-commercial alike, to make sure they're approaching driving in a healthy, effective way.

When you're working as a professional truck driver, it's easy to let yourself fall into ruts of bad behavior. This isn't universally true of every person who has ever worked in truck driving, but, just like any other job, you can find yourself cutting corners and settling when you just want to be done with your day. This can manifest in making poor food choices, skipping out of needed rest, and selecting easier routes for the wrong reasons.

If you're trying to build better truck driving habits, start taking control of your truck driving environment in small ways like packing healthy snacks and plenty of water. Being hungry on the road or being low on vitamins can impact just about everything you do and how you feel. Replenishing your energy in low-sugar, high vitamin ways can keep your mood stable and temper in check, all without you really thinking about it.

You should also practice letting things go. Professional truck drivers have to deal with a lot of non-commercial drivers making very, very poor choices on the road. Rather than letting that frustration fester, breathe deep and accept that you can only control your environment, not theirs.

If you feel well fed and in a good state of mind, you'll be more likely to appreciate the sights and sounds around you. As a professional truck driver, you should make a conscious effort to enjoy the landscapes and landmarks that you encounter. Being present while truck driving is safer and a lot more fun. Feel free to notice rolling hills, interesting old buildings, and funny bumper stickers when safe to do so, and even consider making a journal of your routes. Journaling may sound like extra work, but treating truck driving like an adventure rather than a chore can help you return home feeling satisfied and settled.

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