Is There a Truck Driver Shortage or a “Good” Truck Driver Shortage in Cincinnati, OH?

Pity the poor hiring managers. There’s a need for freight drivers but finding drivers who meet the demands of trucking companies in Cincinnati, OH and elsewhere is a tough task.

It’s especially true when it comes to quality. There’s a larger number of employers looking for good drivers, but there are fewer of them on the road these days. That means there’s greater competition for those who standout when it comes to experience, safety, and reliability.

Bay & Bay Transportation understands, and we thoroughly agree that competitive pay and benefits are key factors when it comes to retaining our current drivers and attracting others in the Cincinnati area plus the many other cities Bay & Bay serves.

Tougher competition for talent behind the wheel and other factors continue to boost industry pay annually. At last check, the average driver made a little more than $53,000 per year. More trucking companies are also offering what are known as guaranteed pay programs. Whether for certain miles or wages, both offer an amount of pay that drivers can expect to receive on a weekly basis.

Freight firms have determined that items like health care, profit-sharing, or 401K programs are important to attracting and retaining quality drivers. These factors are creating shortages as companies compete for the best drivers on the road.

Bay & Bay offers competitive compensation, average miles-per-week, and late-model equipment. Drivers can also look forward to full medical and dental benefits after 60 days, company paid life insurance, paid holidays, and a 401K. We also provide bonuses for fuel management, mileage, retention, and driver referrals.

It’s why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’re a good driver, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Cincinnati area and dozens of many other fine cities nationwide.