What to Expect in Your First Year as a Truck Driver in Oklahoma City, OK

The first year of professional truck driving in Oklahoma City, OK can seem extremely daunting if you're coming in from a different profession or looking to truck driving as your first long-term career. There are licenses to get, terms to learn, and a lot of adjustments to make to your life overall. The professional truck drivers at Bay and Bay Transportation were once new as well and want all incoming drivers to know what to expect when beginning their truck driving careers.

Every professional truck driver needs to start somewhere, but if you're getting into truck driving for the first time, the most important thing to always remember is to listen and repeat. When another truck driver gives you a tip, or when a dispatcher gives instructions, be sure to listen carefully and repeat back what was said to you – though it doesn't have to be out loud. This is a great way to actively learn while ensuring every bit of advice going past your ears is also getting into your head. If you hear a new term, listen to it and then repeat it back. This technique can be useful in any profession, but as a truck driver you'll have multiple points of contact, so active listening is one of the most valuable skills you can hone early on. Whatever you do, don't zone out!

As you work on your listening skills, be prepared to deal with some conflicting emotions over the course of the first year. Some truck drivers will settle into the life seamlessly, but many will swing back and forth between feeling liberated and isolated. Don't let either feeling overwhelm you while truck driving. Feeling liberated is great, but it can lead to sloppiness. Feeling isolated is normal for a time, but it can become claustrophobic if you let it. Be prepared while truck driving to think a lot, but don't dwell too hard on a single state of mind.

Most importantly, spend a lot of time in the first year getting used to the truck driving schedule. Long stretches away from home can be tough for new truck drivers, but it'll be even tougher if you don't know it's coming. Know your schedule inside and out and be ready to be flexible for the first few months. Eventually you'll be able to create a rhythm that works for you, but many new truck drivers can get overwhelmed by the nature of the work. Do your best to enjoy your time on the road and savor the time at home as equally as you can.

If you're an aspiring truck driver in the Oklahoma City, OK area and interested in starting your truck driving career, contact Bay and Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here. The first year of truck driving requires a lot of personal adjustments, but once you hit your stride, it's a profession that sticks. Call us today for more information.