Truckers Will Encounter Plenty of Orange This Summer on Roads Around Minneapolis, MN

The old joke about seasons in Minnesota is being mostly confirmed as true this summer in Minneapolis, MN.

As most drivers know, there’s winter and then there’s road construction season. Truckers are sure to find a greater level of frustration especially if they plan to travel Interstate 35 West through Minneapolis.

A 239-million-dollar renovation of I-35W is underway and frequent closures and orange barricades are sure to be the norm, rather than the exception while drivers try to navigate the city.

While federal efforts to get a nationwide infrastructure plan passed and paid for appears to be hopelessly stalled, Minnesota is dedicating a little more than a billion dollars to state road and bridge projects that could stretch across the entire year.

The repaving of roads, repairs, replacement of structures, and even painting is an effort to maintain the state’s 12,000-mile network of interstates and state highways. The improvements are mostly funded by transportation taxes and federal aid. While Minnesota is using bonding to boost funding over the next 4 years, lawmakers still haven’t figured out how they’ll make up a large gap in those dollars, which will hit hard in 2022.

It’s a business issue and a safety concern for Bay & Bay Transportation of Minneapolis. On time and incident-free deliveries depend on consistent road conditions and excellent drivers. We’re always looking for experienced operators who know how to safely navigate any conditions, including those created by crews making crucial upgrades to Minnesota roads.

Safety is one of the major reasons why Bay & Bay is known as a quality driven tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Minneapolis area and other parts of the country.