Technical Time Management in the Daily Life of a Truck Driver in Madison, WI

Time management is a complicated topic for Madison, WI truck drivers thanks to the many moving parts that make up a successful trucking business such as Bay and Bay Transportation. You must be able to manage your personal life, daily trips, long-term hauls, and pretty much everything in between. One of the most important aspects of effective trucking, however, is knowing how to maintain and operate your rig as effectively and efficiently as possible. And yes, that means knowing how to manage your technical trucking techniques on a tight time budget.

The daily technical tasks of a truck driver may vary but will usually include some form of the following: a walk-around of the rig to make sure everything is secure and where it should be, a manual or e-check in, a tire, oil, and fuel check, and a general status check of daily weather and potential route closures. These tasks may not seem overly complex, but they’re vital to the success of every truck driver.

Since these tasks are best performed at the start of every trip, it can be easy to skip over them or do each or any of them on “auto-pilot.” This is particularly true for veteran truck drivers who have perfected their time management to an art. However, even if you're counting every second in your day and aiming for maximum efficiency, the importance of these basic technical tasks can never be overstated.

While it's great to pack your day with as much progress as you can on each job, there's a huge difference between fast tech checks and good tech checks in the world of trucking. And, as most truck drivers know, there are limits to daily hours set in place for a reason. Sure, spending an extra ten minutes in the morning to make sure your rig is fighting fit and the weather is on your side may feel like a waste of valuable driving time, but a trip well-prepped for is always better fated than one built on an unstable foundation. You may be a wizard at trucking time management, but if you skip your morning tech check and wind up with a mid-day technical failure, all of that speed comes to naught.

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