Tips for Truck Drivers to Avoid Skids in Joliet, IL

You know that safety plays an important role in running a business. You have to make sure your employees avoid hazards in the office, but do you ever think about your team of truck drivers? You need to know how to keep them safe, too, and they must know about smart driving decisions as they make their way around Joliet, IL. To keep them from losing control of the rig, please refer them to the tips below. If you have any questions, talk to a Bay & Bay Transportation team member at (888) 801-3026.

Brake Safely

We know that the cars in front of you can stop in an instant, but don’t slam on your brakes too hard. One of the duels could lock up, leaving you in a bad situation. You could end up with a sliding trailer, and the trailer could hit a car next to you. Push the brake down slowly and gently. To avoid slamming on your brakes, make sure there is a good distance between your truck and other trucks or cars. No matter how many years of experience truck drivers may have, this is still important to keep in mind.

Go Down Hills Slowly

If you must go down a hill, don’t let the truck simply roll down and pick up speed. You don’t want to lose control and crash into something!

Make Use of the Jake Brake

The Jake Brake can help you when you’re on a slippery road. While not all truck driving experts do this, it is still an option if you want to stay on the cautious side.

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