Trucking Companies Face New Challenge as Pols Press for Marijuana Legislation in Albany, NY

Trucking companies that serve the Albany, NY, area like Bay & Bay Transportation could face some policy tweaks if New York Governor Mario Cuomo has his way this spring. The Empire State already allows medical marijuana, but Cuomo is pressing to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, much like neighboring Canada.

Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis last year is of particular concern at the four U.S./Canada border crossing areas in the Niagara Falls region, which are among the most heavily traveled by trucking companies in the Northeastern United States.

Professional truck drivers and their employers are being reminded that trucking in North America is still a “zero tolerance” industry. Some haulers are taking things a step further and refusing to transport cannabis or any related products from the industry.

At this time, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service is warning travelers that pot remains an illegal narcotic in the United States.  Canada has no labor rules on drug and alcohol testing, but businesses like Bay & Bay have their own policies and must follow them while in the United States.

Pot creates another issue that has to do with law enforcement. At this point in Canada, the only federally approved device for testing THC is roadside saliva testing; It essentially lets officers know whether cannabis was consumed in the last 12 hours.

The issue of roadside drug testing is still being debated because, unlike tests for alcohol intoxication, the saliva tests don’t have any way to show the level of cannabis impairment, and there is no agreement about what the impairment would be. An additional complication is the fact that urine and blood tests can be misleading since THC can linger in the body for days or weeks. It means any testing would only offer some detail about prior consumption, not current impairment.

Bay & Bay is committed to following the rules, no matter on which side of the border we’re delivering a load. Bay & Bay is focused on offering customers safe, professional, and reliable transportation solutions. We have a nationwide reach, which does extend into Canada, with good jobs available for motivated, success-oriented drivers.

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