Fresh Foods are Driving Demand for Refrigerated Trucking Services in Madison, WI

There’s more to keep cold on the road in the Madison, Wisconsin area than cheese and beer these days. Demand for refrigerated trucking services is hot and only expected to get hotter than the pavement at the junction of Interstate 90 and 94 on a hot August day.

Bay and Bay Transportation of Madison, WI is ready to respond to one of the faster growth areas of shipping. The demand for refrigerated trucking services in what is known as a cold chain industry is being driven by forces beyond America’s shores. Thanks to globalization, many consumers are discovering products and foods they’ve never been able to try before. Apparently, the experience has been good because the desire to buy frozen perishable commodities is boosting the need to find a transportation company that can deliver them on time and in excellent condition.

Growth in refrigerated trucking services is being credited to globalization, consumer demand for frozen perishable commodities, and increasing demand for cold chain technology.

All of those easily spoiled items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, and pharmaceuticals are worth the extra effort if they can be preserved at low temperatures.

Bay and Bay is not a newcomer to the temperature-control market. You could say it’s second nature since we’ve been perfecting our approach to refrigerated trucking services for the past 60 years.

We feature all newer, reliable 53-foot refrigerated air-ride trailers with technologically advanced Thermo King Smart Reefers for maximum protection of refrigerated, frozen, and other temperature-sensitive loads

Our Smart Reefers can maintain the correct temperature setting needed to help preserve the quality of your products even in harsh environments. Our refrigerated trucking services enable customers across the world to consume some of Wisconsin’s favorite fruits and vegetables throughout the year, even though they’re seasonal.

The rise in demand for frozen food products by consumers as well as food service operators is expected to continue to drive greater growth in the refrigerated trucking services area, and Bay and Bay is ready with nationwide service and experienced and reliable drivers. Whether it’s a Bay & Bay truck or a truck from our secure database, you’ll be sure to get the on-time, hassle-free delivery you expect.

Learn why more and more shippers who need refrigerated trucking services are discovering that Bay & Bay is known as a quality tradition. If you’ve got the right stuff, call (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page for more details and information about how you can join our growing team in the Madison, WI area and other parts of country.