Skills that Every Marketable CDL Truck Driver Needs to Master in Madison, WI

Becoming a successful CDL truck driver in Madison, WI, takes a little bit more than some top-notch driving skills. Driving a truck is important, of course, but setting yourself apart from other CDL truck drivers means being well rounded and marketable beyond the obvious, and honing skills that extend beyond the steering wheel. Bay & Bay Transportation recommends mastering how you handle your route, the people you encounter on the road, and yourself if you really want to stand out in the world of truck driving.

Time management is one of the skills that a lot of CDL truck drivers have a tough time early on in their profession. Learning how to handle unfamiliar routes during unpredictable weather can lead to frustration, fear, and even failure. But if you can master navigation and time management on the road, you'll find that the truck driving process as a whole gets a whole lot simpler. A few basic tips to remember is that procrastination and truck driving do not mix; you'll need to be on top of your schedule, and ideally ahead of it, at all times. Also, don't put off tasks, and whenever possible, over-prepare. This can be as simple as reviewing your routes ahead of time and trying to stay on top of closures and detours.

Once you've nailed your timetables, it's time to work on your communication skills. Some CDL truck drivers picture truck driving as solitary work, but this isn't really the whole story. Drivers visit sites with different contacts, keep dispatch up to date, and work with fellow drivers, so they have a variety of human contact. Consequently, effective communication is essential if you want to keep connections strong and tempers in check. Spend some time getting used to chatting with strangers and strive to be personable on short notice. In many ways, truck driving will put you on the front end of the transport process.

And finally, drivers should keep in mind that being a marketable, successful CDL truck driver means learning to look inward as well. Self-care isn't just indulging in the occasional nap; it's staying healthy and knowing how to manage your own body. Truck driving is a more active job than a lot of people realize, and if you don't keep yourself in good shape, work can take its toll fast.

Bay & Bay Transportation is always looking for highly skilled, independent drivers who display these core skills and more. If you're a Madison, WI, area CDL truck driver looking for your next professional opportunity, contact us today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for more information.