Refrigerated Trucking Services and Problems with Shipping Cherries in Houston, TX

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cherry? People enjoy putting them in almost anything, from ice cream to drinks to pies. If cherries are a big part of your business, you know that you have to be careful when it comes to transportation. You know that refrigerated trucking services are your best option, but could anything go wrong? Could you run into issues if you’re not careful?

When it comes to transporting highly perishable products like cherries, Bay & Bay Transportation wants you to feel confident and comfortable. We hope the information below will help, whether you live in Houston, TX, or elsewhere.

The Cherries Could Bruise or Pit

Some people don’t realize this, but cherries are very delicate. It doesn’t take much to damage them. When cherries are compressed, handled roughly, or physically impacted in some way during the shipping process, they can become bruised or pitted. Make sure you have insurance for your load before you allow a truck driving company to leave the lot and head to their destination. It may seem like an annoying and time-consuming extra step, but it’ll help you in the long run.

There Could Be Damage from Diseases or Insects

Yes, believe it or not, this can happen even when your cherries aren’t out in the elements. It can happen even when you think you’ve taken the right precautions. If your cherries experience rot, for example, it’s all over. Blue mold rot, brown rot – these have to be avoided, so make sure to check your cherries before shipping them. One or two bad cherries could lead to problems for the entire bunch. Good refrigerated trucking services can help you work out a plan to avoid this problem along with preventing fruit flies and the damage they can cause, so be sure to ask.

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