Take Advantage of Bay & Bay’s Intermodal Connections in the Twin Cities

It’s good to say you’re a close fit, but in the case of Bay & Bay Transportation, intermodal transportation services and Minneapolis, MN are an exceptional, natural fit.

Historically, the Twin Cities have benefited from being an important rail transportation city, and that legacy continues today as class 1 railroads pass through the metro and make it an appealing option for shippers who want to take advantage of intermodal cost savings options.

Bay & Bay offers multiple options including standard and expedited service across North America. Our reach includes relationships beyond dry land as well. We have partnerships with major ocean carriers and are able to access their equipment to get your project done.

Whether most of us know it or not, much of the world is delivered via shipping container. The only question is how will it be arriving for you? By ship or train? Will you need a truck to get your goods to their final destination? Bay & Bay is ready to sweat the details and leverage its knowledge and the skills of its team to deliver for you.

There’s nothing quite like intermodal when economy of scale and cost control is crucial. When shipped by rail, intermodal containers can be double stacked, offering a huge fuel efficiency advantage. It means your shipping costs will usually be less at a distance of 500 miles or more.

It’s Bay & Bay’s personal attention, however, that makes it all work in the Minneapolis area and other parts of the country where intermodal makes sense for your firm. Count on us to figure out the mode and load optimization plus the other details to properly manage your shipment.

Discover why Bay & Bay is not only known as the best fleet to drive for but also a quality driven tradition. For more information about how to put our intermodal transportation services to work for you, contact us today. You can also visit our web page to learn how we can make intermodal an asset for you in Minneapolis, MN or at locations across the U.S.