At Bay & Bay Transportation, Less Than a Truckload Means More Service, Not Less

Less than a truckload, or LTL for short, almost seems like a poor second cousin to a traditional full tractor-trailer shipment. In fact, it’s one of the fastest services for freight delivery in Nashville, TN, and a number of other cities across the United States.

You could also say less means more at Bay & Bay Transportation. We promise your LTL will likely get more attention and personal handling than something larger because we want to ensure its transport is a success.

It starts with sizing your needs, whether they’re in Nashville or elsewhere in North America.

We promise our “live” experts are ready to offer that personal touch from the time we take your order and begin handling the details.

Chances are you want your shipment to have the fastest delivery while remaining affordable. We’ve got multiple options to offer you depending on your needs. Options is also a key word when it comes to LTL services. What do you want to do? Will your shipment be local, coast-to-coast, or to Canada? Need help with warehousing, distribution, white glove, or hotshot services?  We’re ready to cater to your needs.

Bay & Bay comes with a proactive attitude. We actively manage each project in order to stay on budget and avoid unpleasant surprises. If there’s a problem, you’ve got someone you’ve worked with all along to help you get your concerns straightened out quickly.

Discover why Bay & Bay is not only known as the best fleet to drive for, but also a quality driven tradition. For more information about how our less than a truckload services can work for you, call us at (888) 801-3026. Visit our web page to learn how we can make LTL a reality for you in Nashville, TN, or at several other locations across the United States.