What You Get When You Hire a CDL Truck Driver

Having to rely on external transportation methods in order to distribute your businesses’ products can be stressful. As Nashville, TN, business owners, you should know that your inventory is in good hands with Bay & Bay Transportation from the moment it leaves your door until the moment it arrives at its destination. Our CDL truck drivers are exactly the professional team you need in order to ship without fear and carry your business across the USA.

CDL stands for “commercial driver’s license,” and in the world of transport, getting your CDL is a necessary step before becoming a professional truck driver. And to get licensed to drive, CDL truck drivers have to do quite a bit more work than your average 16-year-old!

Not only do drivers need to hold a standard driver’s license, but they also have to pass additional knowledge tests, practical driving exams, and a variety of technical tests to ensure that they are prepared to handle rigs on the road. Additionally, CDL truck drivers are renewed every five to eight years depending on local policies, which means that your CDL driver is being tested, retested, and refreshed on their skills on a regular basis.

Along with the technical driving requirements comes a major focus on drivers’ health. All of our drivers are given vision tests and yearly health examinations to ensure that they’re fit to drive and ready to embrace all of the physicality that professional driving requires. Because we care about our drivers and your business, we always put first the safety of our team and your cargo.

With impressive technical expertise and the thorough CDL truck driver education, our professional truck drivers are all carefully trained to manage swiftly changing technology with ease. You can rely on our drivers being road savvy, reliable, and as efficient as possible at all times.

At Bay & Bay Transportation, our team of professional truck drivers is highly trained, committed, and eager to assist your Nashville, TN, business with all of your transport needs. If your business is looking for CDL truck drivers to manage your transportation experience, contact us today at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website for additional details.