Flatbed Transportation Services – For When It Doesn’t Quite Fit

If every load were a perfect shape and only so large, there’d be no need for anything more than a standard-sized rig. Think about it - hauling loads for a living would be pretty boring in Cincinnati, Ohio, and everywhere else if a shipment fit nice and snug inside a 53-foot trailer. But reality doesn’t fit in a box, and that’s why it pays to know who to call when you need flatbed transportation services.

Bay & Bay Transportation knows that life isn’t an easy one-size-fits-all affair, and that’s especially true when it comes to over-size loads or over-weight shipment across Ohio or the country.

Just take a look at what’s coming down Interstate 75 on an average day; trusses for new homes, large pieces of farm equipment, and even wind turbine blades. Try fitting any of those items inside a standard trailer - it’s not going to happen unless you’re planning to break things up into much smaller sizes.

At Bay & Bay, we’re not fazed by odd-sized loads. Our flatbed specialists know more because they’ve hauled more loads across Cincinnati and around the country, and our drivers are no strangers to tie-downs, chains, and tarps. It’s not an inconvenience; it’s all a part of securing and protecting your valuable load. It’s also proof that we’re concerned about the safety of your cargo and the other vehicles traveling nearby.

We’re so good at what we do we have our own regional flatbed fleet. If those trucks just happen to be busy, Bay & Bay has access to more than 13,000 qualified rigs under contract. But we’re more than a bunch of flatbed trailers; our equipment pool also includes step decks, RGNs, and specialized gear.

Discover for yourself why Bay & Bay is among the best fleets to work with and a quality driven tradition. For more information about our flatbed transportation services, call us today at (888) 801-3026. Visit our website to learn about how we can help solve your shipping needs in the Cincinnati area and many other locations across North America.