Why Intermodal Transportation Services Are the Green Transport Solutions Your Business Is Looking For

In the rapidly expanding world we live in, getting things where they need to go means extending your Chicago, IL, business reach far beyond your home city. A wider range of customers means more professional transport and, historically speaking, more transport meant higher costs and more emissions. Bay and Bay Transportation is proud to go against the status quo by offering intermodal transportation services that are environmentally conscious as well as wallet-friendly for all of your business needs.

Intermodal transportation services have the capacity to offer green transport options thanks to the flexibility inherent in the intermodal model. Rather than utilizing a single transport option across the board, intermodal transportation gives you a choice. For some companies that choice might be to stick with what they know, but for others, it’s the perfect chance to expand their horizons with a shift to green professional transport.

Intermodal transportation services cut fuel consumption by utilizing a variety of alternative transport options beyond basic truck transport. Railway, ship, air, road, and beyond are all wrapped into a single transport model. These options working in tandem means fewer trucks on the road, less fuel being burned, and lower overall environmental impact. Relying on the efficiency of railway transport intermodal options can significantly curtail greenhouse gas emissions as a whole. Plus, pairing this with the ability to recycle and reuse intermodal shipping containers, your company can truly start to minimize its carbon footprint. 

If the environmental benefits weren’t enough, it has become more and more apparent in recent years that reducing emissions and cutting costs tend to go hand in hand. Lower fuel consumption means lower rates, and railway transport means less expensive professional transport as a whole. Intermodal transportation services are also logistically efficient as they combine the shipping power of more than one transport powerhouse. This means more oversight and security and less chances for revenue loss due to missing or damaged items.

Intermodal options offer the flexible shipping strategies that any growing business needs in order to thrive. At Bay and Bay Transportation we want to help you succeed and ensure that your services are in line with your company’s environmental visions as well as your budget. Chicago, IL, business owners interested in green shipping solutions can contact our professional transport representatives today at (888) 801-3026.