Summer and Specialized Transportation Services Go Together in Minnesota

Minnesota’s fifth season is well underway these days—and in case you’re wondering, we’re talking about the road construction season. The wave of road repair makes you think all the Covid-related impacts—stay at home, social distancing, traffic reduction—gave the Minnesota Department of Transportation and just about every city like Minneapolis a green light to dig a hole or upgrade a highway this year. While frustrating for the motorists who are still out there driving, the fifth season is a great opportunity for specialized transportation truckers everywhere.

Bay & Bay Transportation of Minnesota knows just what all that extra activity means, such as a lot of vital loads of construction materials that need to arrive somewhere and on time. And these aren’t just any loads; they’re big and odd-shaped, and the type a specialized transportation services company with the right kind of resources can deliver.

We at Bay & Bay Transportation know how to handle over-sized and over-weight challenges as well as anyone on the road today. Maybe you’re transporting a Jersey barrier, a large pipe for that long-awaited drainage project, or the newest piece of farm equipment months before harvest season rolls around. We know how to secure these items and get them safely moved to where they need to be, and this includes whether your transport is a straight truckload of a specialty goodies or a haul requiring permits and escorts.

Bay & Bay Transportation’s regional flatbed fleet is at your call to fulfill your needs. Plus, we have access to more than 13,000 carrier fleets that are already under contract. We’ve also got a wide array of gear to choose from, including flatbeds, step decks, and removable gooseneck trailers.

Discover for yourself why Bay & Bay is among the best fleets to work with and a quality-driven tradition. For more information about our specialized transportation services, call us at (888) 801-3026, or contact us directly online to learn about our opportunities in the Minneapolis, MN, area and several other locations across North America.