Invest in Less than Truckload Shipping

When it comes to shipping smaller quantities of materials, which is the preferred shipping method for many locally owned small businesses right now, consider investing in less than truckload shipping in the Chicago, Illinois area!

Less than truckload shipping, also known as ‘less than load’ or LTL, is a great option, especially while so many small businesses have shifted to completing transactions entirely online. Here are just a few benefits of LTL shipping and how they can work for your business:

  • Faster Shipments: Tired of waiting to send shipments until you’ve accumulated a full truckload? If so, investing in less than truckload shipping is a great option to consider. Without waiting for 10,000 pounds before shipping, you have increased flexibility, improved turnaround, higher profits, and less down time.
  • Efficient Costs: If you don’t have quite enough product to fill a truckload, purchasing just a small portion of the truckload is a much more cost-efficient option. You can get your materials where they need to go without paying for the entire space. Your shipment will take up just a small portion of the truckload, allowing others to share the cost with you, which provides an eco-friendly shipping option!
  • Improved Security: A professional, experienced shipping company will ensure that your less than truckload shipment is packaged and delivered safely! The team at Bay and Bay Transportation understands how valuable your products and materials are to your business and will work to ensure your shipment is secure.  

So, if you’ve been considering less than truckload shipping in the Chicago, IL area, what are you waiting for? This shipping option is perfect for many small businesses because it allows for faster shipments, efficient costs, improved security, and is usually far more eco-friendly!

Don’t wait any longer! For quick and reliable transportation services and options, give the team at Bay and Bay Transportation a call today and start shipping smarter!