Put the Savings Power of Intermodal Transportation Services to Work for Your Next Shipment

Not all shipments make a majority of the trip on 18 wheels these days and there’s a growing possibility that at least part of the journey went by rail. Minnesota is the third largest agricultural exporting state in the Union and there’s a growing demand to move ag products here in the United States and globally via shipping containers to save costs. Depending on where your goods are going, intermodal transportation services in Minneapolis, Minnesota may be the right option for your firm.

Bay & Bay Transportation in the Twin Cities is well known for its ability to deliver just about any cargo you can imagine with the right kind of rig for the job. But sometimes a truck isn’t the most efficient way to get your valuables across the country or in position to be loaded onto a cargo ship headed for faraway places.

Two of Minnesota’s three intermodal terminals are located in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and they offer easy access to major railroads headed to some of the country’s biggest ports and terminals. Once there, an easy switch can be made to get your product on the right train headed to the correct part of the country.

With more than a half-century of intermodal transportation services experience, Bay & Bay Transportation has managed more than a few successful intermodal shipments. Our third-party logistics services are just as good on rail as they are on the road. It means we’ll be looking for ways to optimize how your load is setup and help you choose the best mode to get it there.

You’ll also be benefiting from our many relationships with warehouses, truckers, and railroads nationwide. Combine that with personalized service that treats your shipment as a priority from start to finish and you’ll find that going intermodal is easier than you thought.

It’s tough to top our experience and professionalism! Discover for yourself why Bay & Bay Transportation is among the best fleets to work with, a quality driven tradition, and your intermodal transportation service solution. For more information about going intermodal, call us at (888) 801-3026 today or contact us online about our services in the Minneapolis area.