Need Less Than Truckload? How About We Call Them ‘E-loads?’

Blame it on the pandemic and e-commerce. As consumers remain skittish about going to stores due to COVID-19 concerns, e-commerce is continuing its march toward dominating the entire retail market. If current trends continue, you’ll need a great partner who can deliver less than truckload in Minneapolis, Minnesota and elsewhere around the country. Maybe we should even rename them “E-loads.”

Bay & Bay Transportation is poised to help as you navigate one of the bumpier freight rides in recent years. After a major slowdown earlier this year, the demand for less than truckload delivery appears to be headed sharply up.

More and more, customers are demanding and expecting Amazon-like service. If you won’t deliver, there’s a better chance that Amazon will. This no-wait expectation is forcing retailers to move distribution centers closer to stores to shorten shipping distance and delivery time.

At Bay & Bay we’re ready to help. Our logistics experts are available to you “live” and ready to put our management ability to work for you. We’ll handle all the details, quickly and efficiently. Maybe you want pricing options based upon on how quickly that load needs to arrive. We can find a delivery option that fits your needs.

While some transportation companies are just waking up to LTL, Bay & Bay has more than 70 years of experience offering less than truckload service throughout North America. Over that time, we’ve made thousands of trusted partnerships with contracted carriers who know how to deliver and warehouses who can fulfill needs that go far beyond a space on a pallet.

It’s tough to top our experience and professionalism, and we guarantee we’ll be here tomorrow whether you call for an E-load or something else. Discover for yourself why Bay & Bay Transportation is among the best fleets to work with, a quality driven tradition, and your transportation solution. For more information about less than truckload services, call us at (888) 801-3026, or visit our web page to learn about us in the Minneapolis area and several other locations across North America.