Understanding Full Truckload and Less than Truckload Shipping Practices

Managing a bustling nationwide business requires a certain level of know-how regarding shipping, transport, and effective inventory management. For Nashville, TN managers and owners this may mean selecting the shipping method that best suits your goods and products. With the endless terminology saturating the transportation world, this may feel daunting or difficult to analyze, but with Bay and Bay Transportation on your side, we can guide you through the shipping process and ensure that your goods arrive where and when they need to. From full truckload shipping to less than truckload shipping, we have you covered.

Two common terms that you’ll likely hear when planning your shipping are full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL.) Though the names are fairly self-explanatory, there is some knowhow involved in understanding how these shipping methods can best serve your business needs. Each method is best suited to certain materials, distances, and prices. Understanding how they differ is the best way to ensure you’re getting the service that suits you best.

Full Truckload Shipping

Full truckload shipping is generally utilized for especially large shipping needs. As the name implies, these shipping loads fill the entirety of the truck and can weigh over 10 tons. Thanks to the larger capacity needs of full truckload shipping, FTL loads will usually run a larger transport bill. However, if you prefer to exclusively have your goods on the truck, full truckload is a great way to ensure you aren’t “sharing space” with other goods, and it generally guarantees no additional stops between pick-up and delivery.

Less Than Truckload Shipping

Less than truckload, on the other hand, is a popular method of shipping that only utilizes the amount of space that your shipment needs. For smaller businesses or budget-conscious shippers, less than truckload options are a great choice that prioritize efficiency. By only using the space needed for your smaller shipments, you can save money and still expedite your shipping. For smaller shipments on shorter deadlines, less than truckload is a great option.

Selecting the shipping method that is right for you means planning for all of your transport needs. No matter which method you select, Bay and Bay Transportation is here to help. If you need less than truckload shipping, full truckload accommodations, or logistics assistance for selecting the methods that suit your best, our transportation experts are on hand and ready to help. Nashville, TN, business owners can reach out with questions or requests today at (888) 801-3026 or by contacting us online.