Finding Flexible Shipping Options for Large Freight with Flatbed Transportation Services

The versatile capabilities of modern flatbed transportation services are difficult to overstate. For instance, as transportation needs have transformed to cover more ground and longer distances, flatbed transportation services have evolved to meet them. At Bay & Bay Transportation, we live up to the high expectations that large load shipping entails; we provide professional support and top of the line transport technology to Oklahoma City, OK, businesses in need. 

It’s no secret that specialized and oversized items can be difficult to accommodate during the shipping process. This is thanks, in part, to large dimensions, delicate parts, and the sheer weight involved in high-need cargo. Our flatbed freight options are perfectly suited for the type of large cargo that has you scratching your head. Knowing that your cargo is being properly cared for means selecting a shipping method that will support the size and shape of your items throughout the entire transport process. Therefore, with flatbed transportation services your large items will also be expertly cared for. 

Thanks to our flatbed freight experts and professional drivers, you can know that your items are in good hands. We also provide safe and reliable loading and unloading for specialty items and equipment. As a result we ship everything from farming equipment and construction materials to shipping containers and beyond.

Beyond Business

Bay & Bay Transportation is also a proud transport provider for the U.S. military. Our Department of Defense (DoD) approval is just another way that we can offer flatbed transportation service to any U.S. company or representative in need. And best of all, our commercial shipping procedures embody the same principles that make us a reliable military shipping source. Therefore our trustworthy service has made us a go-to DoD provider for years, and we’re eager to offer that same service to you.

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