Truck Driving Qualifications and Responsibilities

If you’re interested in truck driving in the Dallas, Texas area, look no further than Bay and Bay Transportation. We are a team of dedicated, efficient individuals, and we know that employing the best truck drivers is a crucial part of the foundation for everything our company can do for our customers.

Interested in joining us as a truck driver? Here are a few of the common questions about truck driving with Bay and Bay Transportation:

What are the qualifications required for truck driving?

In order to become a truck driver, you need to have a high school diploma and a clean record. Additionally, we’ll check your driver’s license and specifications to make certain you’re qualified to get behind the wheel!

What are some of the responsibilities involved in truck driving?

In addition to driving long distances, drivers are responsible for loading and unloading the truck. This requires some physical labor, in addition to driving responsibilities. Drivers also have to keep the truck clean and keep documentation of any accidents or issues that arise during transport. Finally, drivers must follow traffic laws and regularly update their driver’s licensure.

What else should a truck driver keep in mind?

Part of the job is also maintaining a positive relationship with customers while staying up-to-date on current technology. That means understanding how to navigate using a GPS so the fastest and most efficient route is always available!

If you’re seeking a professional truck driving career in the Dallas, TX area, contact the team at Bay and Bay Transportation today! We are a supportive, motivated team working to make trucking and logistics as seamless as possible. Interested in joining our company as a professional driver? Have the qualifications we’re looking for? Contact us today!

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