What Logistics Management Gives You

At Bay & Bay Transportation, we are proud to provide ongoing logistics management for all of our clientele in the Joliet, IL, area. But, you may be wondering, what exactly does a logistics project manager do for folks working with Bay & Bay?

Logistic project managers are an integral part of the shipping process. They work to make sure every customer is satisfied. Here are just a few of the services they provide.

How Logistics Management Professionals Support Your Business


First and foremost, our professional logistics project managers understand how to stay organized! These folks do a lot of work ahead of time to ensure everything is communicated clearly and mapped out efficiently. Before anything is loaded onto our trucks, the logistics project manager makes calls, arranges schedules, and ensures the experience is as smooth as possible!


When deliveries are out on our trucks, the logistics management team is still hard at work running interference and answering last-minute questions. They are there to manage every aspect of the delivery as it happens. This includes helping coordinate between warehouses across the nation even reverse logistics.


Finally, a huge part of this work is building relationships with businesses and delivery workers. Our team knows how important it is to build and establish trust in a relationship. You can trust we'll work hard for you, no matter what you’re planning to ship with us!

Contact Your Logistics Management Professionals

If you are looking for quality shipping and logistics project management this season in the Joliet, IL, area, look no further. The team at Bay & Bay Transportation is here for you. With our expertise in logistics management, we understand how to effectively and efficiently make your deliveries run smoothly. Give our experienced team a call today to learn how we can help you!