Best Phone Apps for Truck Drivers

From increased regulation to demanding customers, truckers and trucking businesses have to keep track of a lot. This is why the trucking industry in the US is embracing mobile apps for truck drivers and economical fleet management platforms that run on smartphones, tablets, and many other handheld devices.

You may know that living life on the road can be quite taxing. This is especially true for drivers just starting in the US trucking industry. However, in the modern digital world, there are many mobile applications for truck drivers that help make life on the road simpler.

These are some of the top mobile apps for truck drivers.


You should know that Waze is most ideal for use as a complimentary map tool for truck drivers. The app is built with the support of Google. This means that you can always expect the familiar routes you would see on Google Maps.

Simply open this app and start driving. Waze will begin to gather data on overall traffic patterns and conditions wherever you are. And that is not all; the social element is valuable as it allows truck drivers to connect with fellow truckers while on the road.


DocHauler is an impressive phone app that implements processes in order to electronically store documents. This application will revolutionize how you and your trucking company think about trucking. You will like its ability to scan, index, and send high-quality documents or photographs for electronic filing. DocHauler is an excellent communications tool developed for the trucking industry. You can collect top-quality document scans of all your delivery paperwork and pictures from the OTR drivers.

DocHauler is a new trucking mobile app for truck drivers OTR that scans documents.


Connecting trucking fleets to their dispatchers can be tricky at times. This is where the KeepTruckin app comes in handy. With this prominent trucking app, truck drivers can easily communicate with dispatchers.

Also, this valuable app helps you stay abreast of governmental regulations related to scheduling and driving time.  KeepTruckin has various other innovative features that you will like, such as vehicle inspection reports, Task Recaps, and Proactive violation alerts.

Final Thoughts

Having a good and reliable suite of phone apps is as valuable and essential as any other tool that you take on the road. These are some must-have trucking applications that you should have and use in order to make your trucking journey more convenient and profitable.