Tips for Cleaning the Truck Cab

As a truck driver, you likely spend almost as much time in your truck cab as you do at your home. Note that the cab of your truck may overflow with various odds and ends, such as stale or unpleasant odors that can make driving less enjoyable. If your truck cab reeks of cigarette smoke or dirty old gym socks, you have to be more proactive about keeping that workspace as neat and clean as you would your living room or kitchen. While cleaning the truck cab can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, here are some tips for keeping your precious truck cab tidy.

Did you know that keeping the cab where you spend most of your day clean and hygienic can make you happier, more productive, and less stressed?


There is no doubt that any plan to clean your cabin should start with valuable cleaning equipment—a vacuum. Dirt, salt, and debris get traipsed in and out of your rig. Note that vacuuming frequently will help keep this unhygienic accumulation to a minimum. You should know that a vacuum is very useful in lifting dust and debris settled deep into your seat cushions.

Use the Right Cleaning and Sanitizing Materials

When you are cleaning the inside of your truck cabin, not just any rag or cloth will do. If you would like to truly sanitize and clean your cab, you should work with the disinfectants and chemicals the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends for use against the coronavirus.

When it comes to cab surfaces, alcohol or bleach is best for wiping them down. While the list from the EPA is quite long, it comes down to this: you have to use adequate disinfectants for this job, not simple cleaning supplies. And having a pack of handy wipes is one of the best ways to keep your cabin’s surfaces sparkling.

Cleaning supplied Semi Truck Interior

Get Rid of the Clutter

It is easy to let clutter and junk pile up in your truck cab. You should clean up all your loose receipts, documents, and paperwork on a monthly basis. This way, your job will never be overwhelming and will help you maintain a habitual cleaning routine. You should also consider buying a small trash bin in order to keep garbage under wraps.

Clean the Windows

You know that good visibility is important to safe driving. This is why washing your windows, particularly the windshield, is a must. When cleaning and tidying the glass on your rig, it is essential to use a non-streaking agent as well as a microfiber cloth in order to buff away debris and dirt.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to keep your truck cab clean and sparkling, keep up on it every week. Taking a few hours every week will help keep your truck clean and pleasant.