Intermodal Transportation Services in Chicago, IL help Prioritze Safety and Cargo Security

Selecting intermodal options as a Chicago, IL, business owner can give you a boost in productivity and budget adherence. The benefits of intermodal transportation services extend beyond even those key characteristics. Bay & Bay Transportation is proud to offer increased safety and security for your goods throughout the entire transport process. This is possible thanks to modern technology, a committed staff, and a deep understanding of the power of rail transportation. 

Intermodal Transportation Services Provide:

Increased Visibility and Tracking

Modern intermodal transportation services provide comprehensive tracking options. These options also allow you to follow your items from pick up through the delivery process. Consequently this is vital in establishing accurate timelines . It also will instill a sense of peace of mind in you and in your clients. Additionally, visibility helps you ensure that your customers can continue their business with ample information and plan accordingly for essential shipments.

Decreased External Access and Handling

Reducing handling is a simple way to limit the possibility for human error during the transport process. Since intermodal options rely heavily on the rail system, the security of the items in this capacity is enhanced. Train and rail transport set themselves apart from truck transport by limiting stops or eliminating them entirely. This cuts down on delivery times, of course. It also means that your items are not accessible to outside influence or theft while the train is in moving. Plus, the expansive nature of the U.S. rail system allows items to go from point A to point B with minimal handling in general. Lastly, intermodal options add a layer of inaccessibility for wandering hands for items on a timeline or of a delicate nature.

Secure Storage Locations

In the event that your items need to be held or stored, our intermodal transportation services also include state of the art storage facilities with temperature-controlled interiors and high security. Our logistics professionals work with these storage locations to itemize goods, make reports, and ensure that they are in good hands during the storage period.

Contact the Experts for All of Your Intermodal Transportation Services

If your company is in need of a new shipping model or you’re interested in exploring intermodal transportation services, Bay & Bay Transportation is equipped and ready to lend its expertise. Chicago, IL, business owners and transport coordinators can reach out today. Call us at (888) 801-3026 or visit our website here for more information.