Benefits of Having a Pet on the Road with You

When long haul trucking, the road can get lonely, especially if you are away from your family and spouse. Some truckers decide to take their pets along on the journey with them. Pets you will mostly find on the truck stops are dogs, but you will also find cats and other unconventional pets along the lines of reptiles or birds.

Whichever pet is able to fill the void of lost companionship can be an incredible additional to your trucking journey. Below are some benefits that come from OTR trucking with a pet if your trucking company has a pet policy.

truck driver pet policy

You are not Alone!

This is one of the simplest and obvious pro when it comes to travelling with a pet. With a pet by your side, you no longer have to cover long miles alone, and you will always have someone by your side. You have a furry companion that you can share your feelings with, go for a walk with, and share memories with.

You get more Exercise

Trucking is a sedentary profession, and if you have a reason to get up and exercise, then there is nothing better than that. Having a pet gives you an excuse to walk more, especially if you have a dog. A dog is an agile pet and if you are bringing them along, you need to take them for walks. This can work greatly in favor of your health, and will allow you to get your joints moving and blood flowing.


If you have an intimidating dog inside your truck, then you can expect intruders and perpetrators to stay away. Dogs have an inherent guarding instinct which provokes them to charge at anyone that tries to harm you or enter your truck without your supervision. Expect a dog to spring into action, bark, growl and protect you from all criminals. They will also protect you while you are sleeping, and therefore it is incredible to always have an added layer for protection to your job.

Makes for Good Conversation

If you have a pet, you will always have people at the truck stop or families come to you and pet your dog. They will also ask plenty of questions about the dog which will make for great conversation. Other truckers will be curious to know how you are managing the dog along with your journey.

Final Thoughts

Despite all the benefits, it is important to note that you will have to make more stops with a pet since they will have to digest their meals. Your truck might even be messier. This is why you need to plan additionally when bringing a pet along and follow the trucking company's pet policy if applicable. For many truckers, they surely make the journey worthwhile.