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Sam Anderson, CEO of Bay & Bay Transportation, joins Nate Shutes on episode 18 of The Bootstrappers Guide to Logistics Podcast. Sam shares the unlikely story of how his father got into trucking and how it's still a family business - 80 years in the making. Listen in to hear how building something for the long term takes a unique approach.

"The grit and determination have kept us going..."

Sam Anderson, CEO, Bay & Bay Transportation

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Family Matters

MAY 24TH, 2022 | 25:58 | E18

The Bootstrapper's Guide to Logistics

A show for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Each week we highlight a new Founder as they share the ups and downs of making it in the supply chain industry. Our goal is to create a community that celebrates small businesses and encourages others to take the leap. Hosted by Nate "The Logistics Twit" Shutes, new episodes drop on Tuesdays.