Fall Truck Driving Safety Tips for Employees of Your Dallas, TX, Business

When your Dallas, TX, business relies on distributing products, you know how important it is to get those products to the store. The longer you stall, the more damage you instill on your profits and reputation. When faced with a big delivery snag, some businesses never recover. Your over-the-road drivers play a large and important role in this process, and you want them to be as happy as possible. You also want them to reach their destinations unharmed. The tips below should help your drivers stay safe on the road. If you have additional questions about transportation and truck driving, don’t hesitate to contact Bay & Bay Transportation at (888) 801-3026 at your earliest convenience.

  • Stay Alert No Matter What:

Even if the road is vast and nearly empty, it’s crucial for the driver to pay attention to their surroundings. They never know when a car might change lanes out of the blue or a child might run across the road to retrieve a toy. If the driver wants to change the radio station or reach for something, they should wait until they reach a stop sign or red light.

  • Check Blind Spots:

Some drivers try to speed ahead of trucks. This is extremely dangerous. If the truck driver can’t see them, they could merge into the other car’s lane and an accident will occur. Truck drivers should check their blind spots via mirror every 10 seconds to make sure nothing escapes their attention.

  • Change the Truck’s Speed When the Situation Calls for It:

The driver shouldn’t speed around corners, especially tight ones. If it’s raining, large puddles could cause the driver to fly off the road.

Trucks move 70% of freight tonnage in the United States. Make sure your truckers are real professionals. Contact Bay & Bay Transportation of Dallas, TX, for reliable truck driving assistance.