Parking Partnership in Minneapolis, MN, and Elsewhere to Fight Truck Driver Fatigue

One of the top truck driving needs these days is finding a safe and legal place to park. Whether operators are cruising through Minneapolis, MN, or any other part of the United States, not every run can be done in a single day, and therefore, requires a layover.

Stricter hours of service rules enforced with electronic monitoring devices are creating an even greater need for drivers to plan ahead about where they will need to shut down at the end of a day, especially since they could waste 30-60 minutes just finding a place to stop.

Bay & Bay Transportation and other companies are glad to see the formation of an eight-state partnership, called “Trucks Park Here,” that includes not only Minnesota, but also Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

You could say that Trucks Park Here is a big data source for parking information.  In this case, the shared info is current data on how many spaces for big rigs are open at certain rest areas.

Truck drivers are being encouraged to keep an eye out for roadside message boards; they can also monitor smartphone apps and traveler websites, which will offer updates on how many truck parking spaces are available. Road signs will display the number of miles until the nearest rest stop, and by using pavement sensor technology in the parking lots, the connected systems will know how many spaces are open at a given rest stop.

Traffic safety experts contend that a fatigued driver can be as much of a threat on the road as an intoxicated one, and it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that fatigued truck drivers are dangerous not only to themselves, but to everyone else on the highway. The goal is to help Bay & Bay’s skilled truck drivers and others make informed decisions about where there are safe, hassle-free places to park.

The idea is sure to expand to other states, and Bay & Bay applauds the initiative. Bay & Bay Transportation is focused on offering customers safe, professional, and reliable transportation solutions. We have a nationwide reach with jobs available for motivated, success-oriented drivers.

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