Flatbed Trailers for Businesses with High-Clearance Needs

Selecting a transportation option that perfectly suits your shipping needs may seem like it takes significant trial and error in the wide world of transport possibilities. Choosing the wrong trailer type may waste time and money that your business can’t spare.

Knowing what choices are available to you when it comes to flatbed transportation services can be a great first step towards making smarter shipping selections. At Bay and Bay Transportation, Atlanta, GA business owners and warehouse logisticians can find all of the flatbed trailer choices they need with one reliable provider.

To the average layman, thinking of a flatbed trailer likely brings to mind an image of a big metal platform on wheels, but there’s a surprising amount of variation available beyond that well-known choice. Standard flatbeds are a great choice for transport needs, but along with them are step decks, double drops, removable goosenecks, and more. Each of these options comes with additional features and benefits that may be just what you’re looking for while exploring flatbed transportation services.

Standard Flatbeds

This type of trailer allows for all manner of items to be shipped across the country. The simple, flat design allows for oddly shaped objects and large cargo to be transferred without issue, and loading and unloading is simple thanks to the design. For many businesses, a standard flatbed may be all you need to get your large and unwieldy items from point A to point B.

Step Decks

Step deck trailers are an option for businesses transporting items that may exceed some height limits. With two decks instead of a single flat surface, these trailers allow additional height clearance for items and parts in need of more space. They are split into two distinct surfaces and may help you avoid the need for additional permits as you move large items across long distances.

Double Drops

If the clearance allowed by the step deck is still inadequate, double drop trailers can accommodate oversized freight that exceeds 10 feet in height. These flatbed trailers have a central well that can be used for extremely large freight that would otherwise be difficult to move.

Removable Goosenecks

Removable goosenecks (or RGNs) are perfect for oversized equipment and freight and come with the added benefit of being able to drive right onto the surface itself. An adjustable flatbed folds down into a handy and impressively sturdy ramp. These flatbed trailers help with loading and unloading of odd or especially unwieldy items. Plus, thanks to the shape and structure, these trailers are notoriously steady.

Regardless of your Atlanta, GA’s businesses’ individual shipping requirements, Bay and Bay’s flatbed transportation services have the flatbed trailer type you need to safely and efficiently transport your items. Please contact us today at (888) 801-3026 for additional details.