Why Trucking is a Great Career for Veterans

Adapting to a civilian lifestyle after devoting years of your life to the military can be challenging. As a veteran, you have a unique and amazing skill set; however, most companies don’t make the most of these skills. Despite having exceptional knowledge, strength, and abilities, many former military vets are underemployed in the US. In other words, they are underpaid and overqualified for the jobs they are doing. Therefore, read on to learn how trucking is a great career for veterans.

If you want a job that suits your expertise, you can pursue a career in the trucking industry. Here are some reasons you are an ideal candidate to work in this sector.

Overlapping Military Skills

Generally, veterans have all the essential skills that a truck driver needs. They are hard workers, technically savvy, and have the experience to work with heavy equipment. In fact, even if you don’t work with heavy gears and tools, you have the work ethic that every trucking company requires.

On top of that, if you already have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), organizations are more likely to offer you high pay and more benefits. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Military Skills Test Waiver also offers a program that makes the licensing process easy and accessible.

Job Security for Veterans

It is important to note that the demand for truckers in the US is exceptionally high. There are more than 1.2 million trucking companies in the country looking for the right candidates. So, if you want to pursue truck driving, you will have many opportunities.

Soft Skills

Most veterans already have the kind of soft skills required in this sector. These include self-discipline, grit, and teamwork that allow you to deliver extraordinary services. Military professionals are also mission-focused and concentrate on their work.

Hence, these are the qualities that help veterans improve their performance, boost productivity, and find success earlier than their civilian counterparts.

Easy and Quick Transition to Becoming a Trucker

Conventional corporate jobs may need you to make many changes in your personality to adjust to the working environment. However, you don’t need to make big changes to start your truck driving career. You also need to know that the trucking industry values your expertise and skills. Lastly, truck driver training feels easy if you are from a military background.

More Time for Yourself

Since you have spent incredible time away from your house, you may want to enjoy holidays and festivals with your friends and families. As a truck driver, you will be able to spend more time at your home. Most importantly, you will enjoy your work, when you know that you don’t have to be far from home for long.

Bottom Line

As you can see, truck driving offers you enjoyment, financial security, and everything you wish for after leaving the military. Moreover, you also have a greater chance to excel in this profession than in other industries. A trucking career for veterans will always be a great option. The trucking industry is here for our veterans!